A downloadable game

The test release went well, thank you all for participating! Downloads are no longer available.

Free-to-play online competitive kitchen races.

It was made live at twitch.tv/everyjuan.


Windows: Just run the exe. It just works.

OSX:  Grab food.app.zip and refer to this link for more information.

Linux: Download the .love file below and install Love2D on your system.

Android: Download the APK and refer to this link for more information.


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I'm on arch linux, using the distro's package. Maybe you built bytecode on standard lua instead of luajit??

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Thanks for letting me know about this. Yeah, you are absolutely right, I'll push a fix to this along with other issues this Thursday. Thanks again!

Edit: I looked into it and I realized that I don't know enough about luajit to debug this correctly. It's a pain to distribute Love2D games, I might port this to another game engine in the future and try it out that way.